Private Christian school adopts “no gays” policy


In a letter sent to parents on November 13, the Head of the Myrtle Grove Christian School, located in Wilmington, NC, announced the school’s new “Biblical Morality Policy,” which reserves the school’s right to refuse admission to an applicant if their home activities don’t align with the school’s Biblical world view.

”The school’s intention is to cultivate and protect a ‘Biblical [moral]center,’” which it claimed has become increasingly difficult in a culture that has “shifted further and further away from biblical understanding.”

In order to carry this out, the school has adopted a “Biblical Morality Policy,” which will screen applicants for any behavior that it views as “counter or in opposition” to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches its students.

Any applicant whose home or activities participate, support, or affirm “sexual immorality,” such as bisexuality or homosexuality, will be seen as someone who cannot support the moral principles of the school, and will be denied entry.

Demonstrations have been held at the school on Sunday, November 17 and Sunday, November 24, attended by parents and children who rallied against the policy.

“This message of hate to the children of the school really upsets me,” one of the protesters said to WECT TV 6. “I don’t think Jesus preached the gospel of hate. I think he preached the gospel of love.”

Another parent, speaking to WMBF News, said she was “very shocked” and “disappointed” at reading the letter.

“I believe above all else that we are to love one another,” stated Wright. “I believe that is what we are taught in the Bible. I believe that is what’s most important and when we start discriminating against people and marginalizing them we are pushing people away and we’re not showing that kind of love that I think we’re all called to show.”

The Boycott Myrtle Grove Christian School Page has gained more than seven hundred followers, and reports that Lambda Legal is looking into the issue.


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