Ten highlights from “Looking” trailer number two


HBO seems to really enjoy teasing its viewers, as the network has just released the second trailer (third promo clip) for its new gay series “Looking.” And, well, the third time really is a charm. Here are some of the most memorable moments of the clip, which almost hits the minute and a half mark. 

Video below.

1) Opening the trailer with a view of the congested, San Francisco evening traffic. Fitting, as no one does crazy driving like San Franciscans do.

2) Esta Noche—or Comedy Bodega—a hip, Mission joint which claims to be “the only Latino gay club in San Francisco.” Here’s looking at the Latino American Club (also in the Mission), which, according to a real-life reviewer is “neither Latin American or a Club.” That San Francisco shade. But I digress.

3) Characters driving through a sunny SF neighborhood that has lots of trees…and steep hills. Can’t really say which one—some of us are still getting used to the place.

4) Pride Parade. Maybe?

5) Some non-descript café scene which features no dialogue, just a cute Latino guy flashing a sly grin at another cute guy. “Meet me in the bathroom in five?” their faces seem to read.

6) A MUNI Ride.

7) Some unnecessary complaint about how Instagram filters have ruined everything—but mainly just the character’s ability to determine whether or not the guy he’s checking out online is hot. The nod to “Insta” seems fitting, seeing as how San Francisco has evolved into a city for tech geniuses (well, hello there Twitter headquarters and Google buses) and like, who in the world doesn’t use hashtags these days? #LieAndSayYouDont.

8) Something about someone being 40. Is it too soon to predict a Folsom daddy love affair?

9) (Purposely) Awkward make-out scenes.

10) More awkward make-out scenes.

“Looking” premieres on January 19 at 10:30pm EST. So, get excited, folks. Or don’t.


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