Oklahoma: if gays want military benefits, no one can have them


In order to evade providing benefits to LGBT National Guard members, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has decided the state will no longer process military spousal benefit applications at all—gay or otherwise.

The decision was sparked by the Pentagon’s demand that the National Guard provide equal treatment for same-sex marriages and straight ones. While many states still refuse to file applications for same-sex members, Oklahoma reached for a drastic loophole.

Fallin announced her political femme fatale on November 6, effectively pooh-poohing the freedom of every brave man and woman of the National Guard. To her credit, this does not bar them from benefits entirely, as applications may still be filed at one of the state’s few federal facilities. Nonetheless, this could prove a hardship for many who cannot afford, in either time or money, to travel to a federal facility. If nothing else, it’s an insulting and unnecessary pain in the arse.

You can attempt to decipher Fallin’s dismembered logic below:

“Oklahoma law is clear. The state of Oklahoma does not recognize same-sex marriages, nor does it confer marriage benefits to same-sex couples. The decision reached today allows the National Guard to obey Oklahoma law without violating federal rules or policies. It protects the integrity of our state constitution and sends a message to the federal government that they cannot simply ignore our laws or the will of the people.”

Essentially, Fallin would prefer to strip every National Guard soldier’s spouse of his or her rights in order to continue discriminating against LGBT ones. Unfortunately, her undying prejudice, not unlike misery, loves company; Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia are all resisting the federal mandate as well, based on the bigotry scribbled in their state constitutions.

Perhaps it’s an eerie irony that while being sworn into office in 2011, Fallin misspoke and swore “to offend” the United States Constitution. Now it appears to have been a Freudian slip, as that is exactly what her decision is doing.

A clip of Fallin’s famous slip-up can be viewed here.


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