Britney Spears receives flack for “patronizing” the gay community


Britney Spears faces a bit of scrutiny again the first week of December, for what some fans are calling her sudden “pandering” to the LGBT community, in order to sell more records. The pop star discussed her admiration for “the gays” again in an interview with PrideSource, where she made mention that her gay fans inspire her because they are “somewhat girls.”

“I get inspiration from them on almost all of my songs,” Spears said of her gay fans. “They’re somewhat girls, so it’s so inspiring to do stuff that they like to hear, like the cool ‘in’ stuff. Whatever I do for each record is definitely inspired by them.”

Fans can likely expect to hear the gay influence on the blonde superstar’s eighth studio album, “Britney Jean,” which already has one gay club anthem, “Work Bitch” underneath its glittery belt.

However, despite the catchiness and simplicity of the electronic dance number, executive producer from the Black-Eyed Peas recently told Billboard that the “Britney Jean” album wasn’t necessarily following the same footnotes as its recent single.

“That song is a reflection of Britney more so than the album,” told Billboard on October 10, after serving as co-announcer of the American Music Award nominations in New York. “The album is what the album is, but we felt that song needed to come out to keep the foundation on what Britney represents.”

Britney sparked minor outrage among some in November when she used the word “adorable” to describe her gay beauty team, but PrideSource points out how the blonde celebrity has always shown admiration for the gay community in her music, with albums “Blackout” and 2011’s “Femme Fatale” serving as prime examples.

“I would never say anything to be mean to them. I love my gay fans. Gay people are always usually my best friends in the whole world,” Britney said. “I completely adore them.”

There goes that word again. Do you believe Ms. Spears means no harm?


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