“Floating Skyscrapers” gay Polish film premieres in UK theaters


“Floating Skyscrapers,” the first Polish film to feature an openly gay protagonist, will premiere in UK cinemas this Friday, December 6.

Tomasz Wasilewski, an up and coming director in the new wave of Polish cinema, took on a classic gay film narrative for his second film, marking the beginning of a change in the attitude towards homosexuals in that country.

“On the one hand, the reception has been very good,” said Wasilewski in an interview with SoSoGay. “People say that we need characters like this in the Polish cinema.”

However, not everyone is happy with the coming out process of a gay character as the main subject of film, especially since in Polish cinema, gay characters have traditionally played background roles.

“The film and even the poster stirred up great controversy. The Internet was flooded with hatred directed at sexual minorities. It’s as if the film awoke the subject,” he continued.

The film explores a narrative that’s admittedly already been covered: the main character is a closeted gay athlete, who enjoys elicit sexual action in after-workout locker room scenes before going home to his doting and unaware girlfriend, it sports gorgeous cinematography and great acting, as well as the novelty of being one of the first of its kind coming out of Poland.

The film gained support and popularity after winning the East of the West Competition in Karlovy Vary and premiering at the Tribeca Independent Film Festival in New York City.

It opens at Curzon Soho and ICA in London on Friday, December 6, as well as Watershed Cinema in Bristol on December 20.


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