IOC President meets LGBT rights activists over upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics


In the lead up to the Sochi Winter Olympics, gay rights activists continue to pressure the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take a stand against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

Russian gay rights advocates met with the president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, in Paris on Saturday, November 30 to raise concerns over the law and how it will affect the Olympics, due to start on February 7.

Activists flew from Moscow to Paris to meet with Bach after they were unable to meet him in Sochi earlier this month.

They urged Bach to launch an independent investigation into the law, which still remains unclear on what exactly constitutes “gay propaganda” among minors.

AllOut released a statement saying, “A list of precise questions about the implication of the anti-gay laws, to help frame the investigation, were submitted and received by the IOC president…The IOC will announce later whether or not the investigation will be done.”

The IOC has come under a lot of pressure to take a stand and speak out against Russia’s law. Activists spoke to Bach on Saturday to stress that the law was not compliant with the Olympic charter.

The IOC and Russian President Vladimir Putin have both claimed that LGBT athletes and supporters at the Winter Games will not face discrimination.

Russian gay rights activists continue to stress that the Russian LGBT community is facing increasing violence and discrimination.

People hope that the Sochi Winter Games will be a chance for the West to show their disapproval of Russia’s law as well as show their support for the LGBT community.


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