Editor’s Picks of the Week


1. “La Grande Bellezza” (The Great Beauty)

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino and starring Toni Servillo. Ostensibly about a Roman writer’s existential crisis, it also cinematically limns the Berlusconi era in Italy. The film is Italy’s submission this year for the Best Foreign Film Oscar but I consider it the best film of the year from any country, including this one. Transcendent. View the trailer here.

2. A/X Armani Exchange’s faux-leather and faux-shearling zip-front sweater 

There is however nothing faux about its stylishness. Visit the A/X site here

3. “The Black List” on NBC

Its images can be a bit too violent. The storyline a bit too predictable. But I watch this for James Spader’s line readings alone—a combination of sophisticated ennui and the warped nobility that only the most gallant of gangsters filled with a literate and terrible longing can muster. Check out his “I want that…” soliloquy from last week’s episode.   

4. Green Tea Ginger Ale from Canada Dry

140 calories and 65 mg. of antioxidants in each can. Delicious

5. “Sexplosion: From Andy Warhol to A Clockwork Orange—How a Generation of Pop Rebels Broke All the Taboos”

Writer and cultural critic Robert Hofler’s new book from HarperCollins in which he charts the five years from 1968 – 1975 when American culture itself lost its virginity. Insightful and profane. Read more about it here

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