Glenn Beck: marriage equality foes have “lost the war”


On December 4, conservative commentator Glenn Beck said that the opponents of marriage equality need to face the fact that “they lost the war” and change their approach.

The declaration was made during an interview with pastor Mark Driscoll, who said that his church had just finished a study on why church attendance is falling; they found that the most common reason was that Christianity and the church are viewed as institutions of intolerance.

It seems as though Beck’s view of same-sex marriage has evolved in recent years. In 2009, he warned that same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy. But in December 2012, he’s quoted as saying: “I don’t care. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Fine, whatever live your life the way you want to live your life.”

But Beck disagrees with the idea that conservatives are the intolerant ones, instead saying that it’s liberals and LGBT activists that are pushing their beliefs onto others.
He said, “When it comes to gay marriage, for example, I have gay friends, I have gay employees, I don’t really care. What you do is what you do. You work that out. That’s your life. “If I am tolerant, say, ‘You do what you want to do,’ but I get to do what I do. And you can’t force me to say that my god says you can be married or not married. You can’t force me to do that.

“And there’s a tremendous opportunity, I think, for Christians, because they lost the war, they lost that,” he added.

Though Driscoll’s church is not especially welcoming to the LGBT community, he agreed with Beck, saying, “The religious right, the Moral Majority, everybody put those t-shirts away, nobody is wearing them.”

Beck responded, “Right. The place you have to protect is the one that wins with twenty-somethings, which is tolerance. I’m not trying to shut you up. I’m not trying to do anything to you. Don’t do it to me.”

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