Sir Elton John scheduled to perform in Moscow, despite “anti-propaganda” law


The promoters of Sir Elton John’s Russian tour have put to rest the rumors that the renowned singer wouldn’t travel to Moscow to perform, despite tickets being sold out.

Even with the “anti-propaganda” law in effect, which has been used to ban other popular Western musicians from performing in Russia this year, the performer told CNN last month that he was going to use this opportunity “to say something from the stage that’s…going to be meaningful.” John is set to perform in Moscow on Friday, December 6, and the Volga city of Kazan on Saturday, December 7.

“As a gay man, I can’t leave these people on their own,” the eccentric star told the Guardian.

John did admit plans to remain cautious of being too critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to prevent being thrown out of his own show. He does, however, stand by his opinion of the situation being “awful.”

The singer/songwriter is set to be the first major Western pop star known for his strong support of gay rights to play in Russia since Putin signed the national law banning “homosexual propaganda” to minors. The loosely-worded law, according to critics, can be used to ban any gay rights events from taking place in the country.

Before the law went into effect in June 2013, “ARTPOP” provocateur Lady Gaga (the godmother of John’s two kids) and “Material Girl” icon Madonna used last year’s concerts to speak out against local anti-gay legislation. Just last month, Russian promoters of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball” were fined by a Saint Petersburg court under a child protection law, which included the ban on gay propaganda


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