It Gets Better Project launches new initiative for LGBT youth in Russia


Three years after its 2010 founding, courtesy of Dan Savage and Terry Miller, the It Gets Better Project (IGB) launched a new video campaign in response to Russia’s discriminatory anti-gay laws. With the message of the project simply being: “life does get better for LGBT youth,” the organization hopes to shine a positive light on Russian youth with its new initiative.

“The It Gets Better Project hopes to reach the millions of LGBT youth in Russia to show they have international support against the outright discrimination happening across their country,” said the organization’s executive director, Ted Farley. “We want every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individual to know they are beautiful, valued and important, and that their friends and allies in the international community are keeping a close eye on their situation while working to end such injustice.”

Led by Farley, the Russia-focused initiative will bring messages of hope and support (in both English and Russian) to approximately 2.5 million LGBT youth in Russia. IGB has gathered international support for at-risk youth in Russia and it is committed to sending encouraging messages to a population that is in “desperate need” of a bright future.

So far, the organization has partnered with LGBT advocates affiliated with Children 404—which is using Europe’s largest social network, Vkontakte, to connect Russian LGBT youth with the international community. Supporters have been encouraged to use the IGB website to create their very own empowering messages, which will be translated into Russian.

Farley joins the movement with previous background experience as an attorney of LGBT domestic violence survivors of New York’s Urban Justice Center. He also supported youth in foster care through The Alliance for Children’s Rights in Los Angeles.

Collaborators for the project include major corporations such as Wells Fargo and Company, Gap Inc., and Google, with the aim of creating a more welcoming environment for LGBT young people. Donations made to the organization will go toward its various initiatives and expanding its programs, with the ultimate goal of “a safe, healthy, and hopeful future” for LGBT youth around the world.

Check out IGB’s latest effort here.


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