Oregon petition for marriage equality reaches signature goal


A petition to put marriage equality on the 2014 ballot in Oregon has collected the necessary 116,284 signatures—and then some.

On Saturday, December 7, the group responsible for the petition, Oregon United for Marriage, sent out an email to spread the happy news to their supporters.

“It’s been just four months since we started gathering signatures on the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative,” said Oregon United’s field director, Ryan Brown. “Thanks to volunteer signature gatherers in every Oregon county, I have some amazing news to share: We have over 116,284 signatures in hand!”

Signatures are still being collected in order to make up for any invalid or duplicate signatures that might threaten the qualification of the petition.

In 2004, voters passed a state constitutional amendment that bars same-sex couples from marrying. Should it be overturned, Oregon would become the first state to repeal a marriage ban by popular vote.

Conservative Christian group Oregon Family Council announced in November that they were collecting signatures for a petition that would allow businesses and individuals to legally refuse to participate in or support same-sex marriages or domestic partnerships, which have been recognized in Oregon since 2007.


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