Covered California’s gay executive director stands up for “ObamaCare”


As many Republicans continue to campaign for the end to the Affordable Care Act, Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California, is helping communities understand the new system and overcome various issues with implementation. 

“It’s amusingly ironic to see the members of the House being so upset that the website isn’t working very well when this is something they’ve never wanted to work in the first place,” said Lee. “And it’s a great irony that the big reason federally there’ve been such big challenges is so many states decided to be obstructionists rather than engaging—like California has done—in helping people get enrolled. That’s a big reason the federal website was overloaded in demand and infrastructure.”

Nearly 80,000 people have already signed up for private plans through Covered California—the new marketplace where individuals seeking health care policies can shop around for affordable plans—between the beginning of October and mid-November. This makes California the leader among the fourteen states with their own exchange, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Lee told press that in October, 22 percent of those enrolled in Covered California plans were between the ages of 18 and 34, a demographic that makes up 21 percent of the state population.

He was recently at an event where he helped highlight Covered California’s efforts in reaching out to the LGBT community; he discussed the importance of signing up for healthcare at the Los Angles Center Gay and Lesbian Center.

“We know that the LGBT community has a higher rate of uninsured, now more people will be able to afford quality health care,” Lee told 429Magazine. “Whether you’re a gay man with HIV, or a lesbian with breast cancer, this is a new day. No longer can any American be denied health care coverage. For the first time in our history, health care is a right, and not a privilege. The Affordable Care Act is a game-changer for the LGBT community.”

Covered California will be working with eleven organizations across the state, including the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, to educate LGBT people about the ACA.


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