Celebrities launch Uprising of Love in support of Russian LGBT


Actors, entertainers, musicians, athletes and human rights organizations alike have joined forces to create and launch Uprising of Love, a social movement aimed at supporting the Russia Freedom Fund.

The Russia Freedom Fund focuses on raising financial contributions to support LGBT Russians in an effort to combat violence and discrimination. The fund was created as a direct response to growing concerns about governmental and social discrimination in Russia. After Putin’s anti-gay propaganda law and his current attempts to remove children from LGBT homes, Russia has become the subject of worldwide criticism.

The organization’s mission is to give Russian LGBT activists a voice, and provide the financial resources those groups they need to fight against violence and discrimination, in the hope of a long-term social change.

The coalition held a fundraiser on the night of December 9 in New York; in the lead up to the Sochi Games beginning on February 7 they hope to host a number of events.

Melissa Etheridge even wrote a song, inspired by the coalition group, to support the Russian LGBT community:

Amongst the large number of people and organizations, James Franco, Carrie Fisher, Madonna, Athlete Ally, GLAAD, Pride House International, Dustin Lance Black and Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis are all involved in Uprising of Love.

The Russia Freedom Fund was founded by Dustin Lance Black, Bruce Cohen, Melissa Etheridge, Linda Wallem, and Greg Propper.


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