People different than us: when the ignorant try to educate


Recently, a memo written by trade group ALEC has been making the media rounds; the fact that the memo is zealously anti-gay could be offset somewhat by the date—1985—if not for the fact that a look at the company today shows that not much has changed.

According to AmericaBlog, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) is “basically a special interest lobby for promoting conservatism.” SourceWatch goes even further, stating that “ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that.” In addition to its opposition to equal rights for the LGBT community, it’s also known for denialist views regarding climate change.

The memo reads,

The Homosexual Lifestyle

Gay bars, gay bookstores, gay dances and gay bathhouses are just a few of the elements that comprise today’s homosexual lifestyle. At least 168 bath houses around the country are at the disposal of homosexuals for the purpose of one-on-one or group sex. One author gave this description, “The degree of promiscuity in the baths defies the imagination of those not familiar with homosexuality. From the point of view of traditional values, they are probably some of the most destructive and degrading institutions in America today.”

If a bar scene is preferred, the “Gayellow Pages” helps the homosexual find appropriate meeting places for socializing with other homosexuals.

While gay bars and gay bathhouses constitute a major medical problem, they have become so popular that owners and managers sometimes hold week-long conventions like many other businesses.

The homosexual’s vocabulary is another part of their culture that separates them from the heterosexual mainstream. For example, “cruising” means to go out looking for sex, a “nellie” is an effeminate man, a “butch” is a virile one, and a “chicken hawk” is an older homosexual that lusts after young boys. S&M (sadism and masochism) and B&D (bondage and discipline) are also terms for types of deviant sexual behavior practiced by homosexuals.

…wow. Bring out the Homophobia Bingo cards again, we’ve got a game on.

While anonymous sex in bathhouses was definitely a thing, and definitely not safe, in 1985 the Cold War was still raging…didn’t ALEC have more important things to worry about?

Worse, this thing went on for pages; another section reads,

statistics…report 10% of the city’s homicides are a result of S&M accidents among homosexuals.

While the types of activity vary widely among homosexuals, the community can be separated into six separate groups; the blatant, the secret lifer, the desperate, the adjusted, the bisexual and the situational.

The blatant homosexual is the obvious “limp-wristed” individual who typifies America’s stereotype of the “average” homosexual. Secret lifers “comprise the largest number and lead double lives and pass as straights.”

A desperate homosexual frequents the public restrooms, massage parlors, and bathhouses in his or her quest for immediate sex. The bisexual indulges in sexual relations with both men and women.

Adjusted homosexuals are those who attend gay bars and pool parties to pick up a lover and try to conduct a ‘conventional’ gay marriage. However, most marriages between homosexuals are shortlived due to frequent acts of infidelity.

The final type of homosexual is the situational one who participates in homosexual acts more so because of his or her situation, i.e. prison, rather than for any deep homosexual conviction.

Think it couldn’t get any worse? Guess what the next section is titled.

Pedophelia [sic]

Whatever the type of homosexual, one of the more dominant practices within the homosexual world is pedophilia, the fetish for young children.

The most widely known pederast (homosexual acts between a man and boy) organization is the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). The Chicago Sun-times reported January 18, 1983, that NAMBLA’s philosophy is, “children should he treated like full human beings, not as the private property of their parents and the state.” NAMBLA ironically views itself as a civil rights organization dedicated to ‘broadening the freedoms of children’ and sees no harm in seducing boys aged 8-15. Another group, the Rene Guyon Society, holds the motto, “Sex by eight or it’s too late.”

Time magazine observed that while pedophiles have learned to package their desires in currently acceptable language, “no matter how sanitized, it is still the systematic exploitation of the weak and immature by the powerful and disturbed. No society interested in its own preservation,” Time concluded, “can allow such conduct.”

What is important to remember here is the fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce themselves biologically so they must recruit the young. It has been noted by J.C. Coleman in his work, ‘Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life’ that half of adult homosexuals today had been seduced by older homosexuals before the age of 14. This fact is also further proof that homosexuality is a learned behavior.

…what the hell did any of that even have to do with business? Or were in-office memos as ubiquitous as memes back in ‘85?

Oh, and don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of the René Guyon Society; even Wikipedia isn’t sure if it was real, saying little more than “The René Guyon Society was a possibly mythical American group that is said to have advocated sexual relationships with children.”

Still, if it was just the single decades-old memo, that would be one thing; we don’t know why it was being passed around the company, or by whom. Unfortunately, judging by a memo from 2004, their bigotry doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere. In regards to “the ALEC Education Task Force,” it credits Dr. Judith A. Reisman as the “Scientific Advisor to the Subcommittee on Junk Science.”

The “junk science” they were investigating? Alfred Kinsey’s work.

For those unfamiliar with her, Reisman is a right-wing, anti-gay researcher with an agenda—that apparently matched ALEC’s own. The Queer Resources Directory has a summary of her totally-not-biased research in an article titled “HOMOSEXUAL MAGAZINE’S ATTACK ON CHRIST ONE OF THE UGLIEST EVER,” originally written by Robert H. Knight, Director of Cultural Studies at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Among other “highlights,” the analysis of the Advocate claims that in the magazine’s personal ads, “98% of Advocate clients seek casual sex, often through prostitution.”

Among other “scientific” studies she’s conducted, in April 2013 she wrote a column detailing how porn literally rewires mens’ brains (because obviously no women look at it, EVER). According to Reisman, when male gypsy moths are overwhelmed by artificial pheromone, they can become “desensitized” to female moths’ natural, lower-level hormones and lose any desire to mate with her. Therefore, somehow, “Pornography is a visual pheromone [for humans], a powerful 100-billion-dollar per year brain drug that is changing sexuality. … It is ‘inhibiting orientation’ and ‘disrupting pre-mating communication between the sexes by permeating the atmosphere’ and Internet.” (Emphasis in original.)

Because looking at porn is totally just as good as actually having sex; we know because all demand for sex workers died out completely by the end of the twentieth century, amirite?

Also, according to Reisman and some others, the pheromones made all those moths gay. According to the considerably more coherent How Stuff Works, “In actuality, the male moths were the targets of some deliberate misdirection. Scientists dispersed powdered female hormones near the moths’ mating areas. Once moth larvae hatched, they became covered in the powder, and the male moths subsequently mistook the larvae for female moths and tried to mate with them.”

The article adds, “The ruse worked because of the power of the hormones and because the moths, to put it simply, are rather unintelligent.” Either way, that sounds less like artificially induced homosexuality and more like unintentional pedophilia.

Believe it or not, Reisman’s views manage to get even worse—she hates that LGBT people were included in the new Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., because it “legitimized” activists pointing out that gays were targeted for extermination, too. In a research paper, she claimed “Homosexuals ran the Infantry School and the Storm Troopers,” therefore the idea that the Third Reich sent at least ten thousand men to their deaths in concentration camps is a “myth,” that has “grown like ragweed until it has become one of the great falsehoods of our time.”

With views like THAT, one can imagine any company that knowingly hires someone like Reisman is so out there that the only other places to do business with them must be every bit as extreme.

…except for the part where ALEC does business with none other than Google. And Comcast. And AT&T. All of which have top marks from HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.

Pro-equality policies don’t happen by accident, so how did this happen?

It’s hard to say what’s scarier—who IS paying attention to the kind of messages companies like ALEC and people like Reisman are putting out, or who isn’t.

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