Russian actor “would shove all live gays into [a] furnace”


A popular Russian sitcom actor, Ivan Okhlobystin, garnered applause from a recent audience when he told them that the LGBT community is a “living danger” to kids. The outrageous actor—a father of six—then claimed that he’d burn all gay people alive, if he could.

On December 13, Okhlobystin addressed fans of the Russian show “Interns,” a show directly influenced by the United States drama/comedy sitcom “Scrubs.” The Moscow Times reported that the show, which was rated the best television show of 2012 in a state-run survey in Russia, is set in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, which was where the actor spoke in front of fans.

“I myself would shove all live gays into [a]furnace,” the actor said to his fans. “This is Sodom and Gomorrah, I as a believer in God, cannot treat this indifferently. This is a live threat to my kids…I do not want my kids to think that faggots are normal. This is lavender fascism. If a person cannot choose someone of an opposite sex for procreation—this is a[n]overt sign of mental abnormality, so they should be denied of voting rights.”

The 47-year-old is known across his country as an extravagant media personality; Okhlobystin previously served as an Orthodox Christian priest until he was suspended from priesthood in 2010. In 2011, the rowdy actor made a brief bid for Russian presidency and pledged proceeds from a book towards the regime in Syria.

He added later, in a statement via the site TwitLonger:

For a man there are only two options available to have an attitude toward sodomites: either acceptance or rejection. Given the aggression with which sodomites dictate their will to the world, there cannot be some middle way. If you continue to flirt with sodomites, citing the rules of international, civil or criminal law—it means to be cunning and violating the law of God.

Putting it simple—to serve the devil. Even non-participation in the solution of this problem is a betrayal of God, whatever numerous and often conflicting ‘rights’ claim. Plus the existence of official organizations which sodomites have in all their forms, from homosexuals to pedophiles—it is a direct insult to the feelings of believers in God, and therefore it should be prosecuted.


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