70 percent of Israelis support LGBT equality according to new poll


According to “Haaretz,” an Israeli newspaper, an averaged 70 percent of Israel’s population support equal rights for the LGBT community.

The statistic came from a poll conducted by the Dialog Institute, which concluded that 89 percent of secular Israelis support total equality, along with 72 percent of traditional respondents, and 46 percent of those identifying only as “religious” or Arab. Across all denominations, LGBT support was found to be higher among women.

On Sunday, Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation debated several bills relevant to the LGBT community’s rights. According to “Haaretz,” the first of the bills debated would permit unmarried persons, straight or gay, “to use local surrogate mothers.”

Another bill, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, passed on Sunday after being returned to the ministerial committee for a re-vote. After the panel initially rejected the bill last week, Health Minister Yael German and Likud Knesset member Limor Livnat requested a revote.

The poll also indicated that 82 percent would hire a gay employee, 64 percent would support same-sex parents using surrogate mothers, 63 percent support allowing gay men to donate blood, and 66 percent support equal government funding for groups affiliated with the LGBT community. However, it was also reported that only 34 percent would support public pride events.

While support is still significantly low among Haredim (Orthodox Jews)—only 8 percent of that population indicated their support of total equality—the results indicate that, as a whole, social support for LGBT Israelis is on the rise, a pivotal factor in changing the law.


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