Brazilian Senator plans to call vote on LGBT anti-discrimination bill


Brazilian Senator Ana Rita plans to call for a vote on an LGBT anti-discrimination bill, despite Government Minister Ideli Salvatti’s written warning that advised the Senator to hold off on the vote until after the presidential election.

The pending LGBT discrimination bill, if passed, would criminalize discrimination or violence motivated by another’s sexual orientation or gender identity, thus increasing the prison sentence of the accused by three years.

In Brazil there have been 292 reports of murder of LGBT individuals just in 2013 alone. According to the gay rights organization Grupo Gay De Bahia, 44 percent of homophobia-inspired attacks have occurred in Brazil.

“Nearly half of all the yearly recorded LGBT murders around the world occur in Brazil,” said the vice president of the Secular Humanist league of Brazil, Luiz Henrique Coletto, as reported by PinkNews.

The LGBT anti-discrimination bill has been “stalled for 12 years, during which over 2,000 LGBT people have been murdered,” Coletto explained.

In May, Brazil’s National Council of Justice opened the doors for gay and lesbian couples to marry by ruling that same-sex couples couldn’t be denied marriage licenses. However, almost immediately, Brazil’s Social Christian Party (PSC) jumped into gear and fought for the decision to be overruled.

Government Minister Salvatti is concerned that if the LGBT discrimination vote occurs before the election, it could interfere with President Dima Roussseff’s chances of reelection.


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