India”™s re-criminalisation of homosexuality leads to pro-gay branding


India’s recent December 11 Supreme Court verdict upholding Section 377 of the constitution, which criminalizes sodomy, has led to multiple Indian brands and celebrities speaking out in support of the LGBT community, emphasizing that attitudes have drastically shifted in India.

A day of protest and heartbreak turned into one of hope; large numbers of people were present at the verdict, and now many public figures are showing their support of the Indian LGBT community.

A number of prominent brands in India also took to social media with online advertisements as a response to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Dairy brand Amul posted its iconic Amul girl laying flowers at a grave that reads “Freedom of Choice, died in 2013.”

Jewelry brand Tanishq followed suit, posting a picture of a pair of diamond earrings with the caption “two of a kind always makes a beautiful pair.”

Fastrack, a popular fashion brand in India, known for its unconventional campaign “Move On,” posted “the road to equality has never been straight.”

Indian companies tend to shy away from expressing controversial opinions publicly; however, many brands came forward to announce their support of repealing Section 377, alongside Bollywood celebrities.

Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar tweeted his adamant opposition to the verdict, stating, “#Sec377 is not just a violation of human rights but also makes democracy seem like a mirage in our country….”

LGBT activist Celina Jaitley, who has previously received recurring threats for her support of equal rights, also expressed her anger at the decision: “Laws are meant to protect people…However this law #377 will be used to blackmail,abuse,violate,humiliate people … #377Updates”

Popular young actress Sonam Kapoor wrote two tweets in reaction to the news. One articulately said, “Homophobia should be a crime. It’s so shameful that a country which is known for its tolerance for a few thousand years had come to this!!!” Another of her tweets bluntly labeled those in support of the ruling “fucking idiots!!!”

Section 377 makes homosexual activity an offense punishable with up to life imprisonment.


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