Time Out Magazine to remove separate LGBT section from print


On December 19, Pink News reported that the print edition of Time Out magazine will no longer have a separate LGBT section, instead integrating those features into other sections.

Former LGBT editor Paul Burston told Pink News that the concern came down to the cost issues of running the magazine.

Burston also said that other, smaller departments were affected by the changes too, but that he continued to respect Time Out’s CEO Tim Arthur, who approved the decision.

The LGBT section will be integrated into the Things to Do, Clubbing, and Features categories. It is hoped that this change will draw a larger and wider audience.

Speaking on behalf of Time Out, Alex Batho said, “This change of layout within the Magazine will ensure a larger audience for all of the topics we cover and create greater flexibility for our advertisers.”

Other categories, such as classical music, dance, and cabaret, will also be featured only as part of other, larger sections.

A Time Out spokesperson told Pink News that the magazine remained committed to providing information for the LGBT community.


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