American Zoetrope studio to produce film of Alysia Abbott’s “Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father”


The Coppola family’s film studio, American Zoetrope, has announced that siblings Sofia and Roman Coppola will be producing an adaption of “Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father”; Sofia Coppola will also contribute to the writing of the screenplay.

Alysia Abbott is the only child of Steve Abbott, a bisexual writer and activist; they moved to San Francisco together when Alysia was only two years old, after her mother died in a car accident in 1973. There, Steve was able to involve himself in the city’s busy and active LGBT scene, even though very few queer men, single or not, were raising children there.

Alysia’s early years coincided with the early years of the gay liberation movement; she went everywhere with her father, which meant she grew up in the queer intellectual scene of San Francisco. Steve took her to parties, introduced her to the area’s writers and artists, and encouraged her to contribute to the poetry readings they attended.

On the flip side, though, they moved around the city frequently and roommates never lasted for very long; while Alysia enjoyed having Steve as a playmate when she was little, as she learned that the world was not kind to people or families that are “different,” she began wishing more than anything that they just fit in.

As she entered her teenage years in the mid-1980s, the HIV/AIDS epidemic hit its peak, cutting down many of her father’s friends—some of whom had also become hers.

Only a few years later, while Alysia was studying in France, she was called to come back home. Steve was dying, and she had the same choice to make that he once had—to continue living the life she had worked so hard for, or to take on the responsibility of caring for a family member who needed her.

A complete list of Alysia Albott’s books and other works can be found at her website, here; she also has a website dedicated to commemorating her father’s life and work at


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