Lockheed Martin becomes latest BSA contributor to cease donations due to youth group’s discrimination


Defense contractor Lockheed Martin announced that the company will no longer be donating to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) because the organization is discriminatory to the LGBT community.

Spokesperson Gordon Johndroe explained that the company has in place anti-discrimination policies which extend equal access to all of their employees (gay or straight), and therefore will no longer endorse any organization that do not extend protections to the LGBT community.

“We believe engaging with and funding an organization that openly discriminates is in conflict with our policies,” Johndroe said in a statement, adding that Lockheed is in support of BSA’s mission but cannot get behind their discrimination policy.

In May 2013, the Boy Scouts of America extended their policy to allow gay openly Scouts to remain in or join troops; however, as their policies still forbid LGBT adults from participating, the organization forces gay or bisexual Scouts to bow out by the time of their 18th birthday.


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