New “Looking” trailer looks promising


HBO has released the second trailer for “Looking,” the highly anticipated new show about a group of gay men living in San Francisco. 

In the video, the scene opens with a quick glimpse of a moonlit (or more like a street lamp-lit) Castro, with lead Jonathan Groff stating, “I love my friends, but they drive me crazy sometimes.” Sounds promising enough—no gay series would be complete without a bit of minor trouble in the courtyard of friendship.

Also among some potential important arcs are: “that guy on MUNI,” Frankie Alvarez, playing an artist who is struggling to be an artist, two drunken dates attended by the same drunken gay, and Scott Bakula as an older man who piques the interest of a younger man.

Also worth mentioning are the fact that Groff’s character unknowingly hits on his boss and shamefully fails; although, I’m willing to bet that that forbidden territory will be crossed before the season ends. And why wouldn’t it? The boss man had a British accent that would make any man melt, gay or straight. Ok, maybe I can’t speak for the straights… Nevertheless, instant #CyberSwoon.

Check out the trailer (and the beautiful “Brit”) below.

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As an aspiring novelist in search of an agent for my debut, YA series, "#BeautifulUgly", I hope to be able to help the world recognize the author as an artist, as they would the painter. Currently attending Academy of Art as a photography major with hopes to improve, technically, as a visual creator.

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