Coca-Cola includes gay couple in new ad–in some versions


One thing LGBT activists have been saying for decades is that gay couples are no different than straight couples; however, that doesn’t excuse Coca Cola’s swapping out one gay couple in favor of yet another straight couple in some versions of their new ad.

Watch both videos below.

The commercial, part of Coke’s “Reasons to Believe” campaign, features a chorus of children singing “You Got the Love,” accompanied by text showing why, as the beginning of the video states, “There are millions of reasons to believe in a better world.”

“For every display of hatred, there are 5000 celebrations of love,” the onscreen text says; in one version, the latter half of the statement is illustrated by the wedding of two men, the same couple featured in Google’s “Zeitgeist” video compilation for 2013.

In the other version, Australian interracial straight couple Jamie and Nikki, who saw their wedding video go viral earlier this year, are featured instead. According to a more recent video by the couple, their ad is shown in Ireland, France, and Denmark; Queerty states that the wedding of the two men is shown in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

Oddly, all of those countries have legal recognition of same-sex relationships; most have marriage equality, but Ireland has civil partnerships (which are mostly equal to marriage, aside from lacking adoption rights).

Coca-Cola still has yet to comment on the anti-gay laws in Russia; since the company is also sponsoring the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, their silence is generating a fair amount of bad press. On Saturday, December 21, LGBT activists surprised the company by protesting at an event in Brighton, United Kingdom. In turn, the company surprised them by publishing photos of the protest on their CokeZone website on December 28—then suddenly took them down a day or two later.

Version seen in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands:

Version seen in Ireland, France, and Denmark:


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