Spanish bishop rants about the dangers of same-sex marriage


Bishop Casimiro Lopez Llorente of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Segorbe-Castellon, an ecclesiastical territory located in the northeast of Spain, denounced marriage equality, legal in the country since 2005, in his final pastoral letter of the year, titled “The Good News of Marriage and the Family.”

The Roman Catholic bishop claimed that gay marriage is responsible for “the destruction of the family” and “the significant increase in children with severe disturbances of personality.”

In the letter, Lopez also claimed that “with the exclusion of any reference to the difference between men and women, free rein is given to unions between persons of the same sex.” According to Spanish newspaper ABC, he continued on to add that such unions “have laid the groundwork for the destruction of marriage and the family.”

The effects of same-sex marriage, the bishop wrote, are “weakening the lasting love between spouses, maternal and paternal love, familial love, the significant increase in children with severe disturbances of personality and the development of a climate that often ends in violence.”

The Spanish bishop then expressed doubt in his letter that the church must adapt with the times, saying such progressive attitudes are responsible for the growing number of broken families and suffering children.

As mentioned, gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005, and a comparative study by Pew Research Centre earlier this year found Spain tremendously accepting of gays, with 88% of society declaring support for the LGBT community.


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