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Looking back on 2013.

1. Favorite surprise: Salt Lake City becoming the newest Mecca for marriage equality.

2. Favorite film performance of the year: Joaquin Phoenix in Spike Jonze’s “her,” a meditation on loneliness and alienation and how we humans are just a way station for consciousness. Awards are often given for histrionics or wearing the mantle of some historical figure’s dignity or losing massive amounts of weight or doing an uncanny impersonation of some real person, but Phoenix does something even more rare. He sustains a performance of openness and vulnerability and profound gentleness.  

3. Favorite person of the year: Edie Windsor who prevailed in the Supreme Court and overturned DOMA.

4. Favorite music video of the year: Thirty Seconds to Mars “City of Angels,” directed by Jared Leto under his Dr. Seuss pseudonym, Bartholomew Cubbins 

5. Favorite personal moment of the year: Being hired to be the Editor in Chief of FourTwoNine magazine 

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