Five of the best LGBT viral videos of 2013


Videos continue to be a growing form of viral content across the web. While there were many heartwarming, funny, sincere, sad, and jubilant videos this year highlighting the LGBT community, here are five of our favorites. 

When Jeanne put on a show for Alissa on top of a bus

Watch what happens when you accuse your girlfriend of being unromantic. You get hit with this epic proposal, backed by a lovely rendition of “Same Love,” by Macklemore.

#SameLove Marriage Proposal

Easily the biggest gay anthem of the year, one woman decides to take a giant leap by getting permission to propose to her girlfriend during Macklemore’s performance of “Same Love” at the rapper’s “Good Morning America” concert. Over five thousand people were in the audience that day.

When Kids React

The FineBros constructed this beautiful compilation of kids’ videos to same-sex marriage proposals.

“If you wanna marry the same sex, that’s OK. Just like Macklemore said, ‘I can’t change even if I tried, even if I wanted to…’” Kids can be so sweet.

The fabulous flash mob at Home Depot

With over 11,000,000 views and counting, Spencer Stout from Utah wowed his boyfriend (and the world) with a heartfelt dance party performance proposal, complete with out-of-town family and friends and lip synching.

The Daley Storm

This (and the following whirlwind of media coverage it got) speaks for itself.


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