“Ultimate Gay Fighter” game releases second trailer


The upcoming indie video game “Ultimate Gay Fighter” is scheduled for release sometime this January; to drum up anticipation, the developers at Handsome Woman Productions have released a second trailer.

Video below.

No fighting game is complete without its bad guys, and Ultimate Gay Fighter has a trio of them: a preacher, a politician, and an ex-gay man, all of whom are featured in the trailer. Together they make up the League of Self-Righteous Zealots—LOSRZ, for short. According to the press kit, they “have created the tournament for two reasons: make the LGBT community destroy itself and brainwash the winner to carry out the League’s nefarious plans.”

The trailer also shows off the game’s voice-acting; it seems few games are complete without it these days, and each character has their own one-liners during battle. Drag queen Carrie Cupcake, for example, announces “Bow, honey, I’m the only queen in this castle.”

The game description on the official Facebook page says, “The first annual Gay Fight competition was held in 2007 to find America’s most ruthless LGBT fighter. The contestants were narrowed down to the ten strongest, and the tournament took place in the fighters’ hometowns and local hangouts. The victor was muscle queen porn star Josh Maxx, but only three days after his title was won, he vanished.

“Now, ten new fighters are competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion. Little do the fighters know, there is something very ominous about the competition itself.”

Reactions to the trailer were mixed, but generally leaned towards the negative, even from LGBT-positive reviewers. YouTube user BaconBits posted, “the game looks sluggish, the animation looks lazy… Also it seems to be enforcing some really negative homosexual stereotypes, so overall this is just more damaging to the LGBT community than anything else.”

Though many pro-LGBT commenters worried about the use of stereotypes, not everyone agreed that it was a problem. Another YouTube user, Shawnqual, said “I don’t see them as negative stereotypes at all, I, however do think that its people within our community who do so… seriously! Walk into a gay bar, and tell me if you don’t see labelism around, you have your twinks, bears,..and so on….what’s wrong with accepting that?”

The game will be available on iOS and Android.


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