Microsoft celebrates women in “Brave” video


As a part of its “Honestly” campaign, Microsoft is celebrating courageous women in a new music video, set to Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave.”

Video below.

The General Manager of Global Advertising at Microsoft, Kathleen Hall, wrote in a post for the official Microsoft blog, “We want to draw attention to the bravery and courage of some women from the past year across diverse fields and perspectives. We believe that spotlighting a group of courageous women this year who spoke out, broke barriers, overcame tragedy and changed the world shows what the human spirit can achieve when set free—and can encourage more people to ‘say what you want to say.’ They inspire all of us to find the best in ourselves and find our own form of bravery.”

The first woman featured is also the youngest: Malala Yousafzai, who survived an attempted assassination by the Taliban for daring to stand up for girls’ right to an education through her blog, written when she was only eleven. Time magazine named her one of its “100 Most Influential People,” and at the tender age of sixteen, she became the youngest woman ever nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In the video, she is heard addressing the United Nations General Assembly as she says, “So here I stand. I speak so those without voice can be heard.”

Another shown is Antoinette Tuff, who works in the front office of an elementary school in Georgia; when a man with an automatic rifle entered the building with intent to kill, she talked him down, told him that everyone has struggles, and convinced him to surrender peacefully. He fired only into the ground, and no one was even hurt—at a scene that could easily have been another Sandy Hook.

And of course, Edie Windsor is honored. Her fight to have her marriage to Thea Spyer, her life partner for forty years and her wife for two years, recognized by the federal government; when United States v. Windor was appealed in June 2013, the court ruled in her favor and struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, thus allowing legally married same-sex couples the federal benefits they had been denied until then.

The video ends on the words, “Honestly, we salute you. Be brave in 2014.”

More about all ten of the women can be found here.


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