Editor’s Picks of the Week


1. With the term “polar vortex” on everyone’s frozen lips this week, you can never have too many coats. At American Apparel, you don’t have to choose a peacoat in only navy blue. The company now has 8 different colors from which to choose. Price: $184.00

2. If the peacoat isn’t enough to keep you warm, add this great quilted shirt jacket beneath it. From J Crew. Price: $168.00

3. Keep your neck warm with this mid-gray cashmere scarf from Burberry’s. Price: $495.00

4. If you know you’ll never ever—I mean it: never—lose another pair of your gloves, then invest in these Louis Vuitton soft lambskin ones. Price: $1,190.00

5. Top it all off with this cool shearling lined aviator hat from Barney’s. Price: $195.00

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