Right-wing youth leader hopes for gay propaganda ban in France


French National Front party member Julien Rochedy, 25, has called for a gay propaganda ban in France, similar to the one introduced in Russia in June 2013.

Rochedy is a youth leader of the party; in a radio interview, he spoke about Russia’s gay propaganda ban, saying, “What I know is that the law bans LGBT propaganda in schools. That is their priority, and yes I would like that.”

He later asked, “Why not have it? Why not have it in the streets as well?”

When told about the increase in LGBT related suicide, violence and murder since the law was introduced in Russia, he claimed these accusations were “complete nonsense.”

GayStarNews reported that Rochedy is known for the effect his youthful looks and charm have on voters, and is often the one sent out to argue right-wing National Front social policies in order to seduce younger voters.

This is not the only time Rochedy has spoken out against homosexuality. In 2013, during an interview with Cafebabel.com, he said he was against marriage equality, and that “they can not do what they want, even the gay pride events are indecent, not nice to see,” before conceding that “in terms of privacy, homosexuals are free to be who they want.”

In the same interview, he was also asked what his position was on feminism, to which he responded, “I am anti-feminism… the far left is fighting for feminism, but we must maintain the balance and oppose the feminisation of man.”

Reportedly, the National Front party does accept gay members, as long as their silence and privacy is stressed.


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