Mother of Lance Bass speaks out up in conservative, southern church


Lance Bass recently penned a letter for the Huffington Post, published on January 9, discussing how his conservative, religious mother embraced him after he came out as gay. According to Bass, his mother experienced a bit of a “coming out” of her own, giving a speech in a United States Southern church to suggest that Christians everywhere must embrace the gay community.

Bass’ mother, who describes herself as a conservative “Southern Baptist woman” wrote a letter to her own church after experiencing negative judgments and “condolences” from her fellow church-goers.

“For years they have had to deal with the judgmental looks and constant condolences from friends and strangers as if I had died,” the singer wrote in his piece. “She suggested how true Christians should act towards the LGBT community. Her letter was so well received that another local church invited her to speak to their congregation, as it believed it was finally time to start a dialogue within the church.”

In the speech, Bass’ mother admitted that after her son revealed his sexuality, she “prayed for a miracle” that he would turn straight.

“I did get a miracle. It is just not the miracle I prayed for,” she said during the speech. “You are looking at the miracle tonight. The miracle is that I learned to have unconditional love and compassion for my son and others in the gay community.”

“I haven’t marched in parades or spoken at conventions,” she continued, “but I do feel that God has led me to speak out concerning the church’s role. My son is a Christian and wants to be able to worship, but he does not feel that the church cares about him and has pretty much disowned him as a fellow believer. There is something terribly wrong with that and I have to speak up on behalf of my son and others who find themselves in the same situation.”


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