Italian Deputy Prime Minister threatens to pull party out if equal marriage is proposed


Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, Angelino Alfano has threatened to pull his party out of the current coalition if equal marriage is proposed in parliament.

Alfano, leader of the Italian New Centre Right party, said on Thursday, “If they propose gay marriage, we’ll bolt for the door, denouncing the move before the public.”

On Tuesday, the coalition began policy talks for 2014. The Mayor of Florence and secretary of the Democratic Party, Matteo Lenzi has placed civil partnerships on the policy agenda.

The head of the Democratic Party has proposed recognizing civil partnerships for both same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples.

Gay marriage has been the subject of intense debate in Italy recently due to the predominant Catholic population.

However, Pope Francis’ positive comments have helped fuel gay rights campaigners’ hope for a change in legislation within the country. The Pope has publicly said, “If someone who is gay and is sincerely seeking God, who am I to judge?”


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