Gay Slang Dictionary is not your usual phrasebook


Want to flirt with cute gay men from other countries, but the language barrier is an issue? The makers of gay hookup app SCRUFF want to help you learn terms even your college classes didn’t teach you.

A new page on their site, the Gay Slang Dictionary, provides translations of common terminology in gay male culture into (as of this writing) forty-one languages. Traditional Chinese, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin-American Spanish are all shown by default; users can also pick from languages such as Czech, Farsi, Finnish, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Swahili, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

The offerings on the page are scant, with only about two dozen terms listed and no sample sentences offered, but learning this new vocabulary—which includes translations for “bear,” “daddy,” and “kink,” among others—promises to be a lot more fun than studying usually is.

A perusal of the terms given shows that they’re not exact translations; one can imagine that “otter” doesn’t have the same connotations in LGBT communities all over the world, for example. The Brazilian Portuguese term given, “peludo,” actually translates back to simply “hairy.” (Hilariously, the German entry for “Vanilla” simply says “N/A.”)

Unfortunately for some xenophiles, none of the words are transliterated; this is something of a problem in Japanese and Chinese especially, where it can be difficult at best to figure out how to pronounce a word one has never seen before.

The fact that the words listed are also ones not found in most dictionaries is also a potential issue; if the Japanese word given for cub—“Pochi”—is incorrect, for one, trying to use it as part of a pick-up line may get one laughed out of the bar, since it’s more commonly known as the equivalent of “Rover.”

Still, provided it is not in fact leading unsuspecting users into “my hovercraft is full of eels” territory, the Gay Slang Dictionaryis worth a look, even just for fun.


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  • Aaron Durham

    An excellent dictionary. Thank you. I decided to learn Russian language. Gay Slang Dictionary is a good app. It is helping me.

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