The Young Avengers: the first-ever mainstream all-queer superhero team?


The fifteen-issue Marvel Comics miniseries Young Avengers, written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Jamie McKelvie (among others), came to an end on January 8; since its main characters included not only Loki but the longtime couple Wiccan and Hulking, it’s no surprise that the series had no shortage of queer representation. What did come as a surprise was its apparent lack of straight representation.

To make a long story short (hopefully without giving too much away), after a failed attempt at just being normal teenagers, Wiccan and Hulking decided to take up their superhero roles again…immediately after which Wiccan, in learning that no good deed goes unpunished, manages to give them a new Big Bad to fight.

And it isn’t Loki; the trickster god is not only significantly de-powered, but de-aged enough to be a Young Avenger himself—and the group has no choice but to team up with him. Which may be the least of their problems.

Surprisingly, the queerness isn’t limited to the main characters; America Chavez has two mothers—and she got her powers from both of them.

Though it’s known throughout the story that several characters are queer, more than halfway through the series it comes out that ex-mutant Prodigy is bisexual (and Hulkling reveals that Prodigy not only has a wiki page, but it needs to be updated).

Obviously, saving the world has priority over discussing matters as minor as orientation, but it’s brought up again in the last issue when Loki makes a surprisingly subdued pass at Prodigy:

Though he turns him down, the super-genius still mentions it to the rest of the crew, leading to a reveal about a certain Miss America:

And then Kate Bishop gets her own revelation:

Unfortunately, that’s the end of the Young Avengers’ miniseries, but thanks to the new “Loki: Agent of Asgard” series, Marvel Comics hasn’t seen the last of the trickster god—and he may well run into his old companions there.


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