Representative Sean Patrick Maloney to wed partner of 21 years


New York Democrat Representative Sean Patrick Maloney will soon be heading down the aisle with his partner of 21 years, Randy Florke, after the couple became engaged on Christmas Day. The pair have three adopted children: Daley, Essie, and Jesus. 

Maloney was profiled in the inaugural print issue of FourTwoNine magazine, published on October 1, in “Mr. Maloney Goes to Washington.” 

In the article, Steven W. Thrasher writes:

When DOMA and Proposition 8 were effectively struck down by the Supreme Court, Maloney said that, for his three children, “It means they don’t have to grow up in a country thinking that our family is less than somebody else’s.”

What he did not say was that he was rushing to the altar. 

“We are looking at it with fresh eyes,” Maloney says. “My joke is I told him I’d give him twenty-one years, three children, and then we’d see…”

“Look,” he says, turning serious, “the point about having rights is that you can decide whether to exercise them or not, but they are inalienable, and they signify your full equality in the society you belong to. People should not confuse the passion I feel for having equal rights with the decision to exercise them or not in any given situation.” Choosing his words carefully, Maloney adds that he and Florke are “in discussion” about getting hitched, bemoaning how busyness makes planning anything hard, and says he doesn’t feel pressured by his family to rush. 

In a separate interview, Florke mostly concurs, though he says the “kids are lobbying for it. They’d prefer if we do.” He muses, “Marriage is not for everyone. We have to really look at it from all angles. Is it going to change our relationship? Is it different? Is it better for the kids? Is it better for us?”

Looks like that decision has finally been reached.

The event will make Maloney the second sitting member of Congress to legally wed his same-sex partner, following then-Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts who married his partner, James Ready, in the summer of 2012. 

“After 21 years together, we are excited for the next step in our journey as a family,” Maloney and Florke said in a statement. “For decades, we’ve fought to ensure that all the families can experience the joys of loving commitment and we are proud to have our friends and family share this special moment with us in the near future.”


To order the inaugural issue of FourTwoNine magazine for the rest of the Maloney interview and more, visit the subscription page here. 

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