12-year-old gives heartwarming speech about his two moms at Utah marriage rally


A brave twelve-year-old gave a heart-warming speech in honor of his lesbian parents during Salt Lake City’s marriage equality rally on Friday, January 10.

Video below.

Riley Hackford-Peer, who referred to his parents as “moms” during his speech, charmed the crowd with his telling of his parents’ love and connection and how much Riley himself wanted his mothers to be able to marry.

Riley spoke about how he feared that if his parents didn’t marry that he could be taken away from one of his mothers, and reiterated how loved he and his brother were, calling his family’s love for one another “unconditional.”

He added, “Some people do not believe that I’m from a loving family because my moms are gay. They are wrong.”

On December 20, 2013, US District Judge Robert J. Shelby struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage, ruling it unconstitutional. To which hundreds of gay and lesbian couple ran to the clerk’s office to wed, including Riley’s mothers.

When Riley watched his mothers marry, he said, “It felt like fireworks bursting in my heart.”

Since then the case has been taken to the United States Supreme Court, which issued a stay on the original ruling. Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s office announced that all same-sex marriages that occurred before the stay was announced would not be legally recognized until further notice.


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