Christopher Lee Sauvé–the designer who created “SAVE ANNA”


A decade ago, artist and fashion designer Christopher Lee Sauvé had just moved to New York City from his Canada hometown. Living inside an old artist factory in an abandoned area in Brooklyn, Sauvé worked on his painting and was commissioned regularly to create theater and rock show posters.

In December of 2008, in the midst of the Anna Wintour retirement rumors, Sauvé designed a silk screen of the infamous Vogue Editor and printed it with the caption “SAVE ANNA.” The design immediately caught the attention of press around the globe, earning Sauvé recognition with publications like “Vogue,” “Elle,” and “New York Magazine.”

The “SAVE ANNA” t-shirts quickly became a cult classic, and celebrities were spotted wearing them out to parties and in public. When American gossip blogger Perez Hilton was seen wearing the design in one of his videos, the exposure skyrocketed, as did Sauvé’s career.

Sauvé says his focus is to fuse commercial art into the fashion world, much like Andy Warhol blended commercial art with the art world. His greatest inspirations are street art, punk shows, and punk nuevo kids in New York City. Sauvé also credits his father, a painter and musician, as well as his “very fashionable” mother.

Currently, the 34-year-old designer is working with Alexander Wang as an art director. His collection—the perfect blend of provocative, political, and witty—is available on his website as well as at Seven New York, Hint Magazine Shop, and Ambush in Singapore. 429Magazine readers can enjoy an exclusive offer, directly from Sauvé—free shipping with the code fourtwonine.

429Magazine: Where, besides online, do you sell and feature your designs?

Christopher Lee Sauvé: Art galleries and select shops globally.

429Mag: Where do you get your inspiration? Who or what influences your work most?

Sauvé: Street art, fashion, icons and popular culture.

429Mag: How would you describe the style of your work?

Sauvé: I would say it’s bold, whimsical and provocative when it wants to be.

429Mag: Who are your biggest idols—fashion and non-fashion related?

Sauvé: My father; he was an artist and taught me everything. He passed away when I was twelve.

My mother, who is very fashionable, used to create her own over-sized, silk-screened bold graphic t-shirts and wear them as fancy dresses.

429Mag: Who would you most like to see wearing your designs?

Sauvé: Vivienne Westwood!

429Mag: Do you believe your orientation has an impact on your work in any way?

Sauvé: Not really—I design for everyone.

429Mag: Which design of yours is your favorite?

Sauvé: The MADMAUS Tattoo mascot.

429Mag: Mickey Mouse is featured heavily in your designs. Why is that?

Sauvé: My grandmother was a huge Mickey fan. I have her Mickey phone from the 1970s! When I was in Paris for fashion week last year, I had a Mickey tattoo done. I think he is the ultimate icon, yes?

429Mag: What is your favorite magazine? Have you read FourTwoNine?

Sauvé: I try and read everything. I love FourTwoNine.

429Mag: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Sauvé: Please check out MADMAUS at Gallery Hotel Particulier in SOHO. Also, Fabergé has chosen me for this year’s “The Great Big Egg Hunt,” along with DVF, Tommy Hilfiger, Marchesa, and Mr. Brainwash. I am doing a MADMAUS egg!

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