Russian Olympic Village “mayor” speaks up for controversial law


Svetlana Zhurova, an appointed “mayor” of one of the Olympic Villages in Sochi, says that the anti-LGBT propaganda law in Russia is necessary to protect minors, “BuzzFeed” reports. The lawmaker even voted in favor of the law banning any “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” in venues visible to minors.

The anti-propaganda law, passed over the summer in 2013, prevents any public discussion or display of same-sex relationships. Russian President Vladimir Putin has argued the language of the bill, which bans “promoting non-traditional relationships to minors,” is not discriminatory.

Zhurova, who is also a gold medalist speed skater, said the law was especially necessary to censor possible messages children may see on television. The mayor claimed that many of the European politicians who outwardly oppose the law have contacted her to let her know they secretly support it.

“I think they just shouldn’t show a cartoon on TV—excuse me, I have two boys—where a king loves another king,” she told Dozhd, a Russian TV outlet.

Zhurova was named the “mayor” of the mountain, where skiing events will be held for the 2014 Winter Olympics.


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