France reveals over 7000 gay couples have legally married since May 2013


France’s national statistics agency reported that over 7,000 gay and lesbian couples in the country have married since the country legalized marriage equality in May 2013.

The nation’s first same-sex marriage took place on May 29 in Montpellier.

The legalization of same-sex marriage in France did not come without protest; however, French President Francois Hollande managed to see the measure through, a promise he made when running for office.

The statistics agency’s report indicated that three out of five same-sex marriages in 2013 were the union of gay male couples.

The average age of lesbians who were married was 43, while the average age for gay men was 50. For heterosexual couples, the average age when marrying was 34 for women and 37 for men.

Despite the thousands of same-sex marriages which have taken place since May, many conservatives are still up in arms about the legalization of marriage equality and the law which prohibits marriage conductors from refusing to perform same-sex marriages. Those in opposition argue that the law is unconstitutional.

Those who have refused to conduct same-sex marriages, giving the reason that it goes against their personal or religious beliefs, have been ruled against by France’s high court, which declared it an unacceptable excuse.


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