Egg donation leads to founding of LGBT-friendly Family Fertility Solutions


On January 17, the Dallas Voice published a profile on Carolina Azevedo, who has begun her own fertility firm aimed at helping LGBT couples have children.

After Dallas-based Carolina Azevedo and her wife decided not to have children of their own, Azevedo decided to donate her eggs to a gay couple who wanted children instead in 2012.

“Because I wasn’t going to have any children, I wanted to help other people have them,” she said.

This solitary act of kindness set in motion a career goal, which led to the launch of Azevedo’s own company, Family Fertility Solutions, aimed at straight and lesbian couples. It also operates a separate program for gay men, called Two Dads and a Baby.

The gay couple Azevedo donated her eggs to wanted an open relationship with the donor, so their children could meet their biological mother and know her from early on.

Now Azevedo is able to have a relationship with the twins, born to the California-based couple in May this year. And it was on one of these visits that she was able to start working with Dr. Gary Ramsey at the Pacific Fertility Institute.

She told the Dallas Voice, “I was psychologically prepared for what I did. I felt very lucky that they wanted an open relationship. Having an open relationship is so much fun because you get to see the gift you gave someone and how you’ve turned their life around. You gave them something no one else can.”

Her agency will serve as a connection between potential parents and the fertility agencies. She says her partnerships with agencies will help lower the cost of expensive options such as surrogacy; she explained that she can reduce fees from $25,000 to $15,000. Azevedo’s firm will also help clients with the entire process, from booking flights and hotels in surrogacy and adoption situations, to finding services for IVF and sperm donors.

Her service doesn’t just cover United States clients, but also branches out to China and Brazil to help them with the laws associated adoption and surrogacy options in their countries.

She said, “I want to make a difference in Dallas since I live here, but I also want to make a difference worldwide.”

Azevedo’s involvement in egg donation and her new firm has, she told the Dallas Voice, sparked an interest in becoming a parent herself.

She is currently a co-chair of the Dallas HRC Family Project Committee. She hopes to make Dallas a place for gay parenting and parenting in general.



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