Maltese political leader says neither gay nor straight people have right to children


According to the Malta Independent, Maltese Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil has said that neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals have the right to children.

He said that when it comes to gay adoptions, the choice should lie in the protection of the rights of the children, rather than as a response to the progression of the parents’ rights.

According to what Busuttil stated in an interview, no couple has the right to have children, even in the biological way. So, when it comes to gay couples and singles adopting, the argument based on gay people’s rights does not apply.

“I am not saying that we are absolutely for or against gay adoption, which is on the whole a new concept in our society as it is in other societies. In Italy, for example, Socialist leader Renzi has said it is time for Italy to introduce civil unions but not gay adoptions. Can we not take more time? Would it not be better to study the impact on our society and on the children?” he said.

Busuttil is in favor of same-sex civil unions as long as legislation ensures the unions remain outside the religious realm, which would be a significant step forward for LGBT rights in Malta.

However, it would be made distinctly clear that marriage is between a woman and a man, whereas a civil union can be between both heterosexual and homosexual couples.


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