Google+ to host “Uprising of Love Hangouts on Air” series


Starting January 21, Google+ Hangouts will host a weeklong series called “Uprising of Love Hangouts on Air,” themed chatrooms to discuss many of the current issues relevant to the LGBT community, from general transgender issues to queer athletes’ acceptance in sports.

The series is a joint effort between leading pro-LGBT advocacy organizations, such as the It Gets Better Project and Uprising of Love, a social movement aimed at supporting the Russia Freedom Fund.

The series’ information page states,

The Olympic games in Sochi are approaching quickly, and all eyes are on Russia. With many focused on the recent criminalization of LGBTI “propaganda,” and a highly publicized wave of hate crimes against LGBTI youth, the main-stream media has promised to shed light on the status of LGBTI rights in Russia during the Olympic games in Sochi. We will also be making efforts of our own to assure there is a progressive, diverse, and productive conversation about LGBTI rights taking place while the world celebrates in a country with a proven record of discriminating against its LGBTI citizens.

It Gets Better Project & Uprising of Love are teaming up with a number of the country’s leading LGBTI organizations to host a series of Hangouts during an Olympics inspired LGBTI Rights week. These Hangouts will engage the larger community in discussion about the importance of acceptance in sports while also discussing LGBTI rights generally.

Already confirmed as panelists are former NFL player and Executive Director of the You Can Play Project, Wade Davis; actor Janina Gavankar from “Arrow,” “True Blood,” and “The L Word”; the Executive Director of the It Gets Better Project, Ted Farley; and the first openly trans athlete in the MMA, Fallon Fox.

The end of the series, “Joining Together in an Uprising of Love” on January 28, will feature Uprising of Love co-founders Bruce Cohen, Dustin Lance Black, and Melissa Etheridge, who will perform her new song “Uprising of Love,” inspired by the coalition group, that she wrote to support the Russian LGBT community.

Those interested can also send messages of support to Russia’s LGBT community directly via the It gets Better Project’s “You Are Beautiful” campaign.

More information and a complete schedule of the week’s events can be found here.


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