Senator proposes bill to repeal marriage equality in Illinois


Senator Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) has proposed a bill to repeal Illinois’ marriage equality law, which is planned to take effect June 2014.

Illinois’ legalization of same-sex marriage was passed by both Senate and House members in November 2013; Governor Pat Quinn signed the measure into law, making Illinois the sixteenth US state to legalize marriage equality.

Senator McCarter’s proposal to repeal the law may be more about appealing to his conservative constituents than an actual attempt to end marriage equality in the state.

“[McCarter] knows it’s not going to go anywhere,” said Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago), as reported by BuzzFeed. “He’s just doing this to show his constituents.”

The Illinois House passed the bill on November 5, 2013, and after the Senate concurred on the same day, with a final vote of 32-21, Quinn signed it into law on November 20.

“This is just politics,” said Civil Rights Agenda executive director Anthony Martinez. “It’s an election year in Illinois and whenever that happens there’s always legislators who introduce legislation that will really go nowhere, but appeals to their base and I think that’s exactly what he’s done here.”

Martinez also stated that he is keeping a watch out on any new bills which could pop up in the next few months attempting to delay the pro-gay legislation.

“We have seen in the past with the civil unions act and the gay rights amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act that there tends to be attacks on gains made by the LGBT community,” Martinez said. “We are checking to make sure that if these bills are introduced that they are addressed and that we fight against them.”


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