Priorities USA begins fundraising for Hillary Clinton campaign


Priorities USA Action, the liberal “super PAC” that played an essential role in Barack Obama’s reelection, has announced its endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton for the 2016 presidential election. Despite the fact that the election is still two years away and Clinton has yet to announce if she will be running at all, the organization has already begun raising money for her campaign.

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According to the New York Times, this is the earliest anyone has ever begun such “big-dollar” fundraising for a non-incumbent presidential candidate. Ironically, the group who is now so determined for Clinton to be elected is the same organization that brought her down in the 2012 election against President Barack Obama.

Priorities USA Action offers data analytics expertise, new voter targeting techniques, and an experienced team. This time around the super PAC will be headed by Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, along with former governor of Michigan Jennifer M. Granholm, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton.

While Clinton is also receiving support from small-time fundraising organizations, mainly focusing on forging connections with supporters and donors, Priorities is looking to pull in six and seven figure donations in order to produce major advertising campaigns and rebuttals to potential attacks from Republican opponents. The organization is looking to exceed $67 million—the amount they spent on attack ads against Mitt Romney in 2012.

“I think the numbers clearly show that she’s the strongest presidential candidate on the Democratic side,” Messina said regarding Clinton. “And Priorities is going to be there for her if she decides to run.”

Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn and his wife, Amber, were among Priorities’ initial major donors for Obama’s reelection campaign.

“Amber and I are both excited about the prospects of being part of the super PAC for Hillary if she decides to run,” said Mostyn. “The first time was kind of a leap of faith for us—it was back when no one was giving Priorities money. I think it’ll be easier with Hillary.”

Now, Priorities is has effectively perfected their strategies, earning them a place as the largest and most prominent liberal super PAC in the country. Focusing on the television micro-targeting developed during the last Obama campaign, Messina believes that Priorities will be able to give Clinton the upper hand.

“Priorities did not have that ability last time, because we were on the other side of the wall inventing it,” said Messina.

The organization also plans to coordinate with groups like Ready for Hillary, another super PAC that focuses on small-donor fundraising.

“What I think Priorities is going to do better than anyone else is continue our data advantage and be on the offense,” said Messina. “Whoever runs for president.”

Clinton, who announced her support of same-sex marriage in March 2013, is a prominent supporter of the LGBT community. Her historic LGBT rights speech, from which came the famous words, “gay rights are human rights,” marked a pivotal moment in history for all Americans. Should she become president in the next election, it could prove a massive step forward for women and LGBT Americans.


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