WWE star encourages more wrestlers to come out


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star John Cena recently got vocal about his support for the LGBT community when fellow WWE wrestler Darren Young announced to TMZ that he was gay. Cena reiterated his support on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” with Andy Cohen, which first aired on January 15.

Video below.

“My thing is this, if you’re good at your job, I don’t judge,” Cena—who has also been vocal about his support for his gay brother—told show host Andy Cohen. “Darren is really good at his job, he’s a wonderful performer, he’s a great entertainer and it’s a very, very bold move that he made to come out. So he certainly is very a brave individual for doing that.”

The wrestler and occasional big-screen actor expressed to Cohen how much he supports Young’s decision and even encouraged other WWE wrestlers in the closet to come out.

“I think it’s great [that Darren Young came out]. I’m glad that he finally got enough support from the people around him, or courage to make the decision that he did, so now at least he doesn’t have to live with the stress. He can be himself and nobody judges him around here.”

The Huffington Post reported that Young was among a number of prominent athletes to come out as LGBT in the pro sports world in 2013, including basketball veteran Jason Collins and soccer star Robbie Williams.


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