Alexander Wang, Vogue, Athlete Ally team up for P6 campaign for Olympics


In the February 2014 issue of Vogue, Alexander Wang reveals his fashion protest against Russia’s anti-LGBT legislation. The designer will be releasing a beanie-style winter hat featuring the logo “P6,” which is shorthand for Principle 6 of the Olympic charter—meant to decry discrimination of any kind and makes clear that the games are committed to equality and human rights.

The campaign involves visual promotion of the phrase Principal 6, the number 6 and the P6 logo as a way of building more support for gay rights. Athlete Ally initiated the idea of using the name of the clause—as well as the logo that alludes to it—as a way to rebuke Russia’s laws, as well as a method for athletes and fans to express their convictions.

Already, the organization has made a mark with the help of a company called the Idea Brand and professional football player Brendon Ayanbadejo to promote the meaning and the message of the logo.

The campaign also involves appropriating the International Olympic Committee’s own words and stated values and turning them into a coded affirmation of LGBT equality, an epigrammatic protest of Russia’s laws that doesn’t include the word “gay” or any of the conventional symbols of the gay rights movement.

The New York Times reported that the number of former and current Olympians who have signed on to the Principal 6 campaign is steadily growing, with almost fifty supporters who have agreed to promote the logo or publically express their concern about Russia’s treatment of LGBT people.

Vogue is planning an online spread in early February, just before the Games begin, and will feature “selfie” photos taken by athletes, entertainers, and other celebrity faces while they don the P6 Alexander Wang gear.

The limited edition of the hat will be available for purchase starting February 1 at various online and in-store retailers such as: Jeffrey, Five Story, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, and Moda Operandi. They will run for $125, with the proceeds going to the P6 campaign and pro-LGBT groups in Russia; American Apparel also has a shop with all sorts of P6 gear.


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