Broadway stars create musical satire in response to Russia’s anti-gay legislation


In “Russian Broadway Shuts Down,” recognizable stars of the stage and screen come face-to-face with the end of their acting careers when theatrical performances are banned due to anti-propoganda legislation.

Video below. 

Topics in the satirical commentary about the current state of Russian politics and culture, specifically the discrimination against the LGBT community, inlcude: gay propaganda, the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and the outrageousness of the pseudo-concern that prompted this particular anti-gay trajectory, disguised as “child protection.”

Created by John Walton West and composed by Jason Michael Snow, the parody includes major names such as Michael Urie, Hugh Jackman, Andrew Rannells, Jonathan Groff, Laura Benanti, Stephanie J. Block, Jeremy Jordan, Michael Rosen, and many more.


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As an aspiring novelist in search of an agent for my debut, YA series, "#BeautifulUgly", I hope to be able to help the world recognize the author as an artist, as they would the painter. Currently attending Academy of Art as a photography major with hopes to improve, technically, as a visual creator.

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