Anti-gay Neo-Nazi returned to Russia to await trial


Maxim Martsinkevich, leader of the Neo-Nazi group “Occupy Pedophilia,” is now back on Russian soil after being arrested; he returned from Cuba on Monday, January 27.

Martsinkevich was first formally charged and arrested in absentia for his hate crimes on December 13, 2013, before being detained in Cuba on an international warrant on January 17, 2014.

He first fled Russia in November to the Ukraine, where he supposedly attacked gay Ukrainian X-Factor contestant Alexander Bohun. After the victim filed a legal complaint, he fled to Cuba to escape arrest in the Ukraine as well as Russia.

A spokesperson for the Russian Federal Security told LGBTQ Nation that he was immediately detained at the airport by Russian law enforcement. He is being held on criminal charges under Russia’s Article 282—incitement of hatred or enmity and human dignity with violence.

Martsinkevich could face three to five years in jail for a series of hate crimes, which he filmed and later posted online.

Martsinkevich reportedly created “Occupy Pedophilia” in 2011, which lured gay men into encounters with promises of sex before torturing them. According to “Occupy Pedophilia,” some of the men were seeking sex with minors.

Martsinkevich has already served three years in jail under the same criminal code. As a leader of an extremist group Format18, he manufactured and sold videos depicting the torture of homeless people and Asian guest workers.


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