GOP representative starts anti-gay campaign on Facebook after mass wedding at Grammys


Mississippi Republican representative Steve Palazzo has started an anti-gay campaign on Facebook in a reaction to the mass wedding held at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

On Sunday, January 26, Queen Latifah legally officiated over a mass marriage ceremony at the awards; thirty-three couples—some gay, some straight—took place during a performance of LGBT equality anthem “Same Love,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres called the scene “incredible,” but clearly not everyone agreed.

Just a day later, on January 27, Palazzo posted a picture of one of the happy couples, with a not-so-happy caption: “LIKE & SHARE if you’re AGAINST GAY Hollywood’s version of matrimony.”

He also wrote, “Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t value the same conservative beliefs we do in Mississippi. Last night’s demonstration at the #Grammys is a perfect example of their disconnect.”

Towleroad observed that Palazzo “enjoys deleting the Facebook comments of those who disagree with his bigoted views,” but as of the morning of January 28, he hasn’t been entirely able to keep up with them.

One post reads, “Keep your religion out of my government. We are not a theocracy. Christians did not invent marriage, and they don’t get to define it, especially considering that a legal marriage is simply a contract between consenting adults. Atheists and other non-Christians get married every day.

“Our country is founded upon equality and liberty for all, as established in the Constitution. The Bible doesn’t get a say. If you saw that marriage ceremony at the Grammys and felt anything other than joy for those people, you are what is wrong with America.”

“This is shameful,” another post adds. “‘Gay Hollywood.’ Homosexuality exists everywhere, even in our beloved Mississippi, and the only appropriate way to address it is with love, acceptance, and understanding.”

One comment says simply, “you don’t speak for me. I support equality.”


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