Upcoming musical short “Grind” explores social media hook-ups


The studio Chemically Altered Productions is producing a new musical short called “Grind,” taking a look at the way gay people connect on social media networks today.

Video below.

The film explores the dangers and intrigue of entering an online connection with someone. It looks at this new media hook-up culture, mainly through apps created for the purpose of meeting others, and asks, “Do you really know who you’re talking to?”

Their Indiegogo page, for a fundraiser that ran in late 2013, elaborates on the project: “Created by a multi-disciplined team from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, musical theater, film, pop music, classical dance, psychology, and technology are all represented and this project will take advantage of them all as it explores the emotional vulnerability and danger involved in connecting with others in the irreversibly intrusive world we sign on for willingly.”

The Indiegogo campaign was for post-production funding in order to promote the project to a larger audience on a larger scale and share “the bigger story that is universal to anyone searching for connection in the digital age.” In a Flexible Funding campaign, it was able to raise $5,835.

The film also features “Rent” actor Anthony Rapp and “Grimm” actress Claire Coffee.


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